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1. Fruit Slice

An Arcade Game to slice fruit. Your tasks are slicing as much fruits as possible and avoiding missing them. There are 4 Modes in this game. These are:

Classic Mode

Classic Mode gives the player 3 lives and if the player hits a bomb the game ends immediately. Else the game ends if the player misses 3 fruits. There is also some advantages for the player because some fruits will give you a bonus of 10 points when you slice them. Another advantage is that if the player loses a life, once he/she reaches 100 points, a live will be given back to the player.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is that mode where the player will not have any lives so the game does not end if the player misses 3 fruits or hits a bomb. This mode lets the player to hit as much fruit as he/she can until the time runs out. There are only 180 seconds until the game is over but if the player hits a bomb the score will begin from 0 again. There are some fruits which give the player a bonus points.

Ninja Mode

Ninja Mode is also an interesting mode. This will give the user a 60 seconds chance to slice as much fruit as possible but if a bomb is hit certain points will be deducted from the players score (Therefore there are no lives). There are also some fruits which will give the user a bonus (+10 points instead of 1 point).

Slice Mode

Slice Mode is the relax mode compared with all the other modes. This mode give the user a 60 seconds chance to slice as much fruit as possible with the advantage that there are no bombs and there are some fruits that gives you a bonus. If the player misses some fruits the game does not end (No lives).


Fruit Slice Main Menu   Classic Mode   Arcade Mode   Slice Mode   Ninja Mode

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2. Basic Asteroids

An Arcade Game to destroy all the asteroids with your spaceship. This is a basic version of the Asteroids game.


Asteroid Main Menu   Basic Asteroid   Comets   Comets   UFO's

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